Play Bubble Shooter Plus on Rumble!

Play this fun bubble shooter game if you are a puzzle fan and train your brain while you match colors and pop bubbles.

Why To Play

Bubble Shooter Plus on Rumble?

Save all the baby squirrels! Play this timeless and very addicting bubble pop game now!

  • Pop bubbles, match colors, and complete levels. Enjoy this pleasant, soothing game! You must aim, shoot, drop, and break every bubble in this game. Train your brain with this puzzle as you shoot bubbles.
  • In this enjoyable game of color matching, your goal is to hit and pop bubbles by matching them. Bubble Shooter Plus is one of the best shooter games that is basic and quick to master, making it ideal for families to enjoy!
  • Test your strategy skills! Challenge your friends and family to see who can complete each level with three stars and get the highest score.
  • Puzzle games like Bubble Shooter Plus exercise the mind while letting players feel proud to solve each problem successfully. Working through puzzles that start easy and ge­t more challenging bit by bit provides a fulfilling experience, boosting confidence by allowing small wins to build up into a sense of great achie­vement.
  • Solving puzzles can have re­laxing and meditative­ qualities.
  • Experience the joy of gaming without any cost – our free online games cater to all tastes and preferences. Play free puzzle games on the Rumble app and earn Rumbles. Use Rumbles to unlock cool stuff from the Rumble shop.