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Why To Play

Carrom on Rumble?

Carrom is a famous indoor game originating in India and has been around for centuries.

  • It is a fast-paced, strategic game of skill and technique, like a tabletop version of pool, except instead of balls, you use your fingertips to flick the striker.
  • The game's primary objective is to "pot" your Carrom men or discs before your opponent pots their pieces.
  • The Carrom board is a square, flat board with pockets in each corner. The "foul lines" are two lines that are drawn along the diagonals. Within the square is a central circle and a boundary area called the baseline on the board.
  • Lightweight wooden discs called Carrom Men and Queen are used in the game, along with a heavier disc known as a striker.
  • Each team or player has nine Carrom men in addition to the Queen, a single red piece. The striker is flicked at the Carrom discs to knock them into the pockets.
  • Across the Carrom table, players face one another. The game begins with the individual playing white.
  • Only the side of the Carrom board on which the player is seated is used for strikes. To shoot, the striker must be positioned inside the baselines, touching both sides but not touching the diagonal arrow line. Covering or touching the end circles is acceptable.
  • As long as Carrom men are being potted, a player can continue. A player's turn is over, and play is passed to the opponent when they fail to pot or commit a foul.
  • Once the Queen is pocketed, the player must pot a Carrom man to cover the Queen. Following the potting of the Queen, each player attempts to pot their remaining Carrom men.
  • A player may pot and cover the Queen only if at least one of their Carrom men has already been potted. The opponent moves the Queen to the center circle if a player pots the Queen but cannot cover it.
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