Play Chicken Merge on Rumble!

Deploy chickens to protect your base from hordes of enemies! Merge chickens and drag the new stronger chicken onto the defense lines.

Why To Play

Chicken Merge on Rumble?

Help save the chickens!

  • The objective of this tower defense-themed merging game, Chicken Merge, is to defend your base against waves of enemies by deploying a large number of chickens.
  • Your chicken units can be strengthened and trained further.
  • Combine identical chickens into one stronger chicken; just drag & drop them and move the new stronger chicken to the front lines of defense. Continue doing this until your guardian chickens are powerful enough to drive away enemies from your base!
  • The more powerful you become, the better upgrades and weapons you can acquire to expand your arsenal.
  • Discover who can construct the strongest coop by playing Chicken Merge with your friends!
  • Playing strategy games like Chicken Merge forces players to analyze situations, forecast outcomes, and devise winning strategies, which engages their minds.
  • These games provide a unique environment for honing strategic planning, judgment, and critical thinking skills.
  • Guess what? Strategy games also improve your focus and concentration levels as they help you handle multiple tasks at once, enhancing your multitasking ability and gradually improving concentration and focus.
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