Play Krishna Jump on Rumble!

An addictive jumping game in which little Krishna jumps on moving platforms to reach the Dahi Handi hanging above!

Why To Play

Krishna Jump on Rumble?

A fun tapping game to make Krishna jump and break the Dahi Handi!

  • In this captivating jumping game, Krishna Jump, a small Krishna must leap across shifting platforms to get to the hanging Dahi Handi.
  • Keep an eye on the positioning of platforms because balancing is your primary concern.
  • After breaking the Dahi Handi, five adorable themes appear one after another.
  • You can guide the tiny Lord Krishna toward his target by leaping onto the next platform without falling off balance.
  • To keep Krishna from falling, jump precisely on the platform.
  • This charming, challenging, and entertaining jump-tap game is excellent to play in your leisure time.
  • The dynamic UI and vivid graphics keep you captivated throughout the game.
  • Since arcade games like Krishna Jump are meant to be played for short periods, these games are, therefore, ideal for leisure or quick breaks. They provide instant entertainment without demanding a significant time commitment.
  • Arcade games can relieve stress! Playing a game may be a great way to temporarily escape the stress of everyday life and allow you to relax and have fun in a virtual environment.
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