Play Ram the Yoddha on Rumble!

Are you ready to defeat the army of devils?? An adventure game, Ram The Yoddha offers you a delightfully enjoyable experience!

Why To Play

Ram The Yoddha on Rumble?

Ram The Yoddha is a thrilling arrow-shooting game in which you assist Lord Rama in defeating all evildoers.

  • The land is screaming in pain under the onslaught of many powerful demons.
  • Get on the mission to defeat Lankapati Ravan's army.
  • Aim your flying arrow directly at the demon's head. Launch a barrage of arrows to destroy your rivals.
  • Kill the various demons that will show up on the screen.
  • In the game, your avatar can use three different powers to defeat as many demons as possible. Obtain more bows and mighty arrows.
  • Extra Bows: Get three extra bows.
  • Multi-Arrows: Convert a single arrow into multiple arrows and kill various demons in one go.
  • Fire Power: A fiery, powerful arrow to crush demons!
  • Fire bows and aim for demon heads.
  • Kill the maximum number of demons and set a high score.
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