Play Save The Dogster on Rumble!

A challenging puzzle game, Save The Dogster, will test your ability to draw and solve problems!

Why To Play

Save The Dogster on Rumble?

In this game, you must draw lines creatively to stop bees from attacking the dog.

  • The bees will swarm the dog; therefore, you must draw lines to form walls hindering their attack.
  • Any size or form can be used while drawing lines, but the lines must be connected for it to work.
  • The game has a simple beginning, but the difficulty level quickly increases as you go through the levels.
  • Bees become more aggressive and levels get even more complicated as you progress in this brain puzzle game.
  • Try Save The Dogster, a fun and challenging brain game to help you develop your problem-solving skills.
  • Games like Save The Dogster exercise the mind while letting players feel proud to solve each problem successfully. Working through levels that start easy and ge­t more challenging bit by bit provides a fulfilling experience, boosting confidence by allowing small wins to build up into a sense of great achie­vement.
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